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toyota hiace ambulance


Total view of a Toyota Hiace, ambulance car with stretcher, oxygen bottles, first aid boxes, and emergency equipment. Technology, design and innovation combined with perfect harmony thanks to highly qualified workmanship. An interior view of Toyota Hiace ambulance equipped according to customer´s request.



Vehicles Overview.

The fifth generation Hiace appeared in 2005 as a wide long-wheelbase wagon, wide super-long-wheelbase high-roof "Grand Cabin", long-wheelbase van, long-wheelbase high-roof van and a wide super-long-wheelbase high-roof van. In this generation the gear stick has been moved to the dash-board to enable easier movement in the cabin. Five speed manual and four speed automatic transmissions are available.

All of the models use a 4-cylinder DOHC engine, in a variety of forms, a 1TR-FE 2000 cc or 2TR-FE 2700 cc petrol engine or a 2KD-FTV 2500 cc or 1KD-FTV 3000 cc D-4D turbo diesel engine.

Two of these engines are available in Malaysia, the 2.5 L turbo diesel, offered in a choice of panel van or window van; and the 2.7 L petrol, that comes only in the window van option.

The fifth generation Hiace was launched in the Philippines on June 13, 2005, with D-4D variants, 2.5 diesel and GL Grandia, both with manual transmission. In 2006, the new top-of-the-line Hiace Super Grandia was launched, being the first ever Hiace in the Philippines with a standard automatic transmission.

The 2.5 and 3.0 litre turbo diesel engines have a maximum output of 75 kW at 3600 rpm and 80 kW at 3000 rpm respectively and maximum torque of 260 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm and 286Nm at 1200-1600 rpm respectively. The 2.7 L petrol engine has a maximum output of 111 kW at 4800 rpm and a maximum torque of 241 Nm at 3800 rpm.

Technical data:

Vehicle: Toyota
Model: Hiace, Long, Middle Roof
Model Code: TRH213L-JEMDKV
Length / Width / Height (mm) (without box):
4840 / 1880 (without mirror) / 2105
Kerb weight / Gross vehicle weight / Payload (kg):

Wheelbase / Ground clearance (mm): 2570 / _
Drive: 4x2
Suspension front/rear:
Tank (liter):
Brakes front/rear:
Transmission (Gearbox):

Ambulance Overview.

The description is only for the model in the photos.
All ambulances are adapted to customer needs. At customer's request we can implement other solutions!

Ambulance technical data:

IPS code name:
Length / Width / Height (mm):
4840 / 1880 (without mirror) / 2355
Power inside:

12V DC,

Two 12V DC plug,

Lighting: Four 12V DC tube lights,
Communication: Communicator between the driver and the interior.
Oxygen transfer system. Two bottles of oxygen at 10 liters. One oxygen slots .
Cabinets / Storage:

Cabinet with niches for life-saving equipment.

Two drawers for small items, lockable.

Place for medical devices, and to work.

Place for electric system.

Seats: Rotary seat for the doctor with safety belts. Open bench with safety belts.
Extract air. Grates with adjustable air flow.

Multi-level heater.

Available from patient room and the driver's cab.

Air conditioning:

Multi-level radiator with air conditioning

Available from patient room and the driver's cab.

Basic Equipment: Flashlight, fire extinguisher, clock with date, safety hammer,
Emergency Equipment: Ventilation unit, section unit, defibrillator, stretcher, infusions hooks, oxygen mask, scoop stretcher, long spinal board, collar set, sphygmomanometer, first aid bags, carry chair, ECG monitor, and more...



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